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Urban Studies by Dr. Anthony M. Orum

Gain a better understanding of urban history and how cities work through the writings of Anthony M. Orum PhD. His books and articles explore the many intricacies and relations of people to their cities and urban centers. From people passing by on the sidewalk, or in the park, Dr. Orum explores ideas on how everything and everyone within a city is interconnected. In addition, Dr. Orum illuminates the ways that public policy causes harm to so many people in cities across the world, paying special attention to urban diversity and economic inequality.

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About Anthony M. Orum PhD

Anthony M. Orum PhD is a sociology and urban history author who has written and edited numerous books and articles on city planning and politics. A person of great passion, Dr. Orum loves to teach and write on these fascinating subjects. Based in Austin, Texas, and Chicago, Illinois, he has written and co-authored several leading texts in the fields of urban studies and politics. Through these works and his teaching experience, Dr. Orum's unique ideas have reached countless readers and students all across the globe. Get your own copies of his books by ordering them online today.

After purchasing his books, feel free to get in touch with Dr. Orum to raise any questions you might have. He is very responsive with his email correspondence, so he would be happy to address your questions and provide suggestions about other related reading material.

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